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What we do

Do you have a task you are not sure how to do or you do not know

who can do it for you?

We can help.

Give BSS Enterprises a call. 

(651) 451-6674


We specialize in:

·          Cable TV cabling (need a cable jack in the kids room)

·          Phone cable installation (need an additional phone line for the computer)

·          Phone repair

·          General home maintenance

·          Adding electrical - outlets, lights, etc…

·          Sealing doors and windows

·          Small plumbing jobs and repairs

·          Small & Large appliance repair

·          Checking and repairing roofs, siding, etc…

·          Deck repair and sealing

·          Sheet rock repairs

·          Ceramic tile installation

·          Computer Repair

·          Computer Support



 Moreover, almost any other general home

maintenance or repair!


Need someone to inspect a home you are about to

purchase, new or old construction.

We can help you, give us a call.


If you would like references, just ask.


We also do commercial work.


Insurance provided by:

BSS Enterprises Inc

Property Care Inc

Phone: 651-451-6674

Phone: 651-554-9949

Fax: 651-554-4898

Fax: 651-554-4898

Email: Becky@BssEntrp.com

Email: Pci@BssEntrp.com